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Victorian Inclusion Agency


Here at the Victorian Inclusion Agency we work alongside eligible education and care services to help build services that are inclusive of all children. We do that by:

1. Working locally with groups of and individual services and educators and

2. Providing a Specialist Equipment Service

To find out more information about the Victorian Inclusion Agency, here’s a copy of our Prospectus.


We will work locally with all eligible services in Victoria through a network of nine Regional Inclusion Agency Offices. Our Inclusion Professionals will support you to:

• build on your understanding of effective inclusive practice,

• reflect on and continuously improve your practice,

• link with other local services to enhance your professional and learning networks,

• assist you to develop a Strategic Inclusion Plan

• assist you to access Specialist Equipment and funding through the Inclusion Development Fund where required, and

• provide you with practical advice and strategies to help you provide great quality inclusive environments.


Our Inclusion Professionals will also build respectful and collaborative relationships with your service by;

• responding promptly to all requests and referrals for inclusion support,

• utilising their excellent communication and collaboration skills, and

• planning visits and contacts with all services to promote the Inclusion Support Program



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